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How to draw - Russian ver.

Together with our Russian partner -iRevolution we've launched How to draw in Russian language version. Especially for this edition we've published two new episodes: "How to draw a robot" and "How to draw a boy on the stove". Check it if you speak Russian - it's beautifully read! 

New episodes

Enjoy 4 new episodes of How to draw. They are available in one special Bundle pack!

Draw on iPad with "How to draw"!

„How to draw" is a fully interactive application of drawing instructions, based on a series of our books. It is designed for iPad. While listening to the narrator- Grace, the Giraffe, or Busby, the Bird, you learn to draw step by step. Look at what is happening on the screen and repeat the pencil’s moves yourself. You may choose its size, and color your picture at the end. When you draw, you may repeat each move or step back if you want. This application consists of twelve episodes. The first – "How to draw a cat“ is free and has all the functions available in further, payable episodes.

Go to AppStore and download it for free.


In this new version, we introduced new episodes content. You have opportunity to learn "How to draw a dog“, "How to draw a princess“, "How to draw a dinosaur“, "How to draw a space shuttle“,  "How to draw a skeleton“ and "How to draw the Statue of Liberty"


Start with a line, end up with real skill!

"Hey son, hey daughter come read about water"

This App is an interactive narrative that consists of four stories.

From the first one „Where does wee-wee come from, Mum?” kids learn why they pee, where the water in the shop comes from and what does pee have in common with the ocean. „Where does wee-wee go to, Mum?” tells kids where the contents of their potties go and how water is being treated. „Why is there no water, Mum?” is the tale of how difficult it is to get drinking water in Third World countries and why water pumps would make life easier for little kids in Africa. „What can we do with our poo, Mum?” is about water pollution and how to make the world around us cleaner.The application consists of 36 interactive screens, animation and dozens of sounds. The text may be read on your own or with the narrator’s help.




Available in the AppStore!

How to draw the Statue of Liberty

We have a surprise for all How to draw fans. On the occasion of the 4th of July we introduce a new episode. Now you can see how to draw the Statue of Liberty! This episode is ready for sale. It's in App purchase for $0.99.

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